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You are not alone… Help is always right around the corner...


                                But when is the time to actually get help? The National Wellness Institute promotes Six Dimensions of Wellness, which is emotional, occupational, physical, social, intellectual and spiritual. And all of these contributes to our sense of wellness and fulfillment, having multiple dimensions/factors disrupted is a clear sign that we need help,

                                Sometimes, the help could come as  a time off with ice cream and movies, or it could come as supports from your loved ones, an ear to lend, or if you could afford it, a getaway vacation.

                                But what if you don’t have any of that? Do consider these options below, they provide calls and chats services for anyone who want to talk.

                               And depending on your situation, it can either be someone to talk to, or a trip to your local GP/Clinic and they will recommend you to a therapist or someone much more qualified to handle the situation,  Medicare will most likely cover for your first 10 sessions and after that, a case worker will be assigned to check up on you.

                                That being said, we at Leeton Rainbow Pride Collective acknowledge that certain services aren’t available to individuals without Medicare coverage or difficulties communicating in English, we and our partner ACON is hoping to provide assistance anyway we can and a sense of communities and safe space to all who identify as LGBTQ+ in Leeton and in surrounding area. Please don't hesitate to join us.

A Faez interview with Jenivy Sewak(ACON)

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