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                                                       We might know Leeton’s TAFE for their amazing English language programs for the community especially newcomers that wanted to master the language, the amazing educators and diverse cast of students, but behind the scene, they are also constantly tailoring their programs to suits the needs and condition of the labour market in Leeton, making them quite crucial to the town’s development, some of the programs that are offered includes agriculture skills, industry skills, business management and care services, in line with the labour market demands in Leeton.



                                                                          Being one of the largest education institute in Australia, TAFE is filled with students from different background and TAFE is determined to provide a queer inclusive institution to all of their student. Mr Nicholas Wright, a member of LGBTQ+ committee within the institution itself assure us that they are hard at work to provide a safe space for those that identifies as queers within the community and provide them with ample training for future endeavour,

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                                                                         As one of the rural agricultural town in New South Wales, Leeton is always in need of help to operate tractors and forklifts, manage livestock or produce, and TAFE offers courses such as Certificates in Agriculture, Horticulture and possibly forklift courses in the future to supplement the skills required, which is amazing for those who are looking to continue their family farm business or start their career in the fields.



                                                                        And as we produce and manage crops and livestock, we would also need to process them and factories like Sunrice, JBS, RWW Group and lots more employs not only production workers but also almost 80% of electrotechnology courses graduates from TAFE Leeton, there are also other courses such as Work Health and Safety, First Aid, IT courses, Business, Leadership and Management, Accounting and Bookkeeping and recently, wool classing which are highly important not only for the industrial sector but also to the myriad of businesses around town especially the service sector.



                                                                       TAFE Leeton also offer a robust program for those that want to find a career with care services sector, they offer certificates in Ageing Support, Disability Support, Community services and Education Support as well as Early Childhood and Care. Do note that to work in these sectors, you would need a police background check along with working with children certificate.

                                                                     Most of the courses stated are subsidized by the government and we believe there will be more courses to be added In the future, to read more about the courses description, requirements and job prospects, kindly click on the button below.

By A Faez interview with Mr Nicholas Wright

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